Vol. 13, No.1: 2021 Spring/Summer Issue

Issue Contents

Cover Art 13.1 – ITURRA: Abigail K. Iturra, Playscape, 2019, ink on paper. Image courtesy of the artist.
Letter from the Editors – MINARIK & CUEVAS: Thank you for your continued support of ASAGE…
Rethinking Repetition: Accessing the Sonorous in the Semantic – APADULA: Repetition; repetition; repetition. The more I focus on this word—or any word in particular—the more it seems to slip away from me as a word with a discrete definition…
Fast Philosophy (Short Submissions & Replies)
Heidegger and the Indescribability of Noise Music – JERGE: The genre of noise music (as performed by artists such as Masami Akita, Ron Lessard, Kazumoto Endo, and Lasse Marhaug) represents a unique (and often alienating) listening experience…
Reply to Jerge – JUDKINS: Writing about “noise music” is even more demanding than listening to it. Here’s a few thoughts…
Reply to Jerge – CUTMORE: I am grateful to “Heidegger and the Indescribability of Noise Music” for introducing me to the musical genre known as ‘noise music.’
The Pragmatic Constraint and Revisionary Ontologies of Art – WILKINSON: At the heart of Anders Pettersson’s 2017 book, The Idea of a Text and the Nature of Textual Meaning, is his proposed “cluster” definition of a textual work…
Reply to Wilkinson – PETTERSSON: In his book Art as Performance (2004) David Davies introduces what he calls a “pragmatic constraint” on our theories about the ontology of artworks.

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